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Rosa Lehmann on "Bioeconomy in Latin America. Goal conflicts, and Inequalities", 24 November 2021. For the Joint Winter School on Bioeconomy “Climate change is the problem - Is the circular-bioeconomy the solution?” Annweiler am Trifels (23nd – 26th November 2021)

Recent Publications

Rafael Hernández Westphal und Rosa Lehmann (2022): Mexiko: Abbau von Lithium zwischen Verstaatlichung, Spekulation und Konfusion. In: iz3w 389.


Alke, Jenss; Lehmann, Rosa; Boos, Tobias (2021): "Einleitung: Sozialstrukturen in Bewegung". In: Alke Jenss, Rosa Lehmann, Tobias Boos (Ed.): Sozialstrukturen in Lateinamerika. Dynamiken und Akteure im 21. Jahrhundert. Wiesbaden, Springer VS. Pg. 1-23.


Backhouse, Maria; Lehmann, Rosa; Lorenzen, Kristina; Lühmann, Malte; Puder, Janina; Rodríguez, Fabricio; Tittor, Anne (ed.) (2021): Bioeconomy and Inequalities. Socio-Ecological Perspectives on Biomass Sourcing and Production across South America, Asia, and Europe. Basingstoke, Hampshire, England: Palgrave Macmillan.

bioeconomy and global inequality

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Jun.-Prof. Dr. Rosa Lehmann



HCIAS Juniorprofessor
"Innovation and Sustainability in Ibero-America"


Affiliation: Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences, Institute of Geography
Co-operation: Heidelberg Center for the Environment



  • Studied Cultural Anthropology and Political Science at Freiburg University
  • 2018 PhD in Political Science
  • 2016-2021 Postdoc researcher in the junior research group “Bioeconomy and Social Inequalities”, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and based at the University of Jena in Germany
  • Since 2012 Associate researcher at the Arnold Bergstraesser Institute (ABI) at the University of Freiburg
  • Member of the editorial team of the journal Peripherie. Politik – Ökonomie – Kultur, an interdisciplinary journal for development theory and politics
  • Since April 2021 HCIAS Juniorprofessor of "Innovation and Sustainability in Ibero-America"


Rosa Lehmann is interested in the social dimension of the transition from a fossil fuel economy to a sustainable society and economy that is based on renewable resources. She situates herself in the interdisciplinary research field of political ecology and her research is guided by the assumption that the appropriation of nature, e.g. for biomass production or wind energy generation, just as the necessary technological innovations do not happen in a vacuum but are inextricably bound to social relations. In her research, she focuses on the social impacts and challenges of the energy transition and the transition to a bioeconomy by taking into account existing socio-ecological inequalities including power assymmetries between actors, and competing narratives on innovation and sustainability. The regional focus of her work is Ibero-America, particularly Latin America/Mexico, and she considers transnational ties and international dependencies in her work.

Rosa Lehmann wants science to take place not only in the ivory tower and concerns herself with the transfer of academic research and debates as well as the communication of research results to both students as well as a wider public.


The goal of this project is to understand how transnational forums established in recent years to address climate change affect the discussion, selection, and convergence of climate change policies. To achieve this, we will examine the policy preferences and perceptions of different groups of actors (bureaucrats, civil society actors, and business actors) in Argentina, Chile, and Mexico, determine the impact of cross-level learning on policy convergence, and examine the representation of included and excluded actors.

Principal investigators: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Rosa Lehmann (HCIAS), Prof. Dr. Jale Tosun (Institute of Political Science), Prof. Dr. Johannes Glückler (Institute of Geography), Prof. Dr. Óscar Loureda (HCIAS)

Project Contributors: Alejandra Irigoyen, M.Sc.; Emiliano Levario Saad, M.A.



  • Lehmann, Rosa (2019): Der Konflikt um Windenergie in Mexiko. Partizipation, Diskurse und die ungleiche Gestaltung der Naturverhältnisse im Isthmus von Tehuantepec. Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien.

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Further Publications 

  • Hernández Westphal, Rafael und Lehmann, Rosa (2022): Mexiko: Abbau von Lithium zwischen Verstaatlichung, Spekulation und Konfusion. In: iz3w 389.
  • Lehmann, Rosa; Backhouse, Maria (2021): "Der Protektionismus der Großen hält an. Dezentrale und demokratische Ansätze der Energiewende". In: Politische Ökologie 166. Pg. 22.
  • Lehmann, Rosa; Backhouse, Maria; Puder, Janina (2020): "Widersprüchliche Ziele. Neue Bioökonomiestrategie der Bundesregierung". Weltwirtschaft & Entwicklung 01-02/2020, 5-6.
  • Godding, Sarah; Holz, Jana; Lehmann, Rosa; Wagner, Louise (2019): Postfossile Wirtschaft – Postfossile Gesellschaft?! Bericht von der Doppelsession „Postfossile Wirtschaft – postfossile Gesellschaft? Konturen des Sozialen nach Kohle und Öl: Eine Diskussionsrunde zu zivilgesellschaftlichen Praxen für eine Transformation des Energiesystems“, Doppelsession auf der DGS-Regionalkonferenz „Great Transformation: Die Zukunft moderner Gesellschaften“, Jena, 23-27 September 2019.
  • Lehmann, Rosa (2019): "Fragen kostet nichts. Die Konsultationen Indigener in Lateinamerika sind scheindemokratisch". iz3w 374, 8-9.
  • Backhouse, Maria; Lehmann, Rosa; Lühmann, Malte; Tittor, Anne (2018): "Bioökonomie als technologische Innovation. Zur Notwendigkeit alternativer Forschung und einer gesellschaftlichen Debatte". Forum Umwelt & Entwicklung Rundbrief 1/2018, 14-15.
  • Backes, Martina; Lehmann, Rosa (2018): "Gärungsprozesse – Die Bioökonomie verspricht viel und hält bisher wenig". iz3w 368, 14-17.
  • Lehmann, Rosa (2017): "Beben und Gegenwind". Jungle World 46.
  • Lehmann, Rosa (2015): "Mexiko: Gute grüne Geschäfte. Projekte erneuerbarer Energien führen zu sozialen Konflikten". iz3w 349, 12-13.
  • Lehmann, Rosa; Lühmann, Malte (2010): "Politik der harten Hand. Ungleiche Sicherheit und sichere Ungleichheit in Zentralamerika". iz3w 320, 26-27.


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