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English and Spanish language study program


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Lectures begin October 2022

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M.A. Communication and Society
in Ibero-America

The HCIAS wishes all its students a good start to the summer term 2022!





How are communication and society in Ibero-America interrelated? What is the relationship between communication and power in Ibero-America? How is public opinion in Ibero-America formed?

The master’s program reveals what role communication plays in Ibero-American societies. With advanced knowledge from a variety of disciplines from the humanities and social sciences such as communication studies, political science, sociology, geography, linguistics, literature, cultural studies, and history, you will develop a holistic understanding of Ibero-America. You will gain understanding on how languages and socio-cognitive factors shape the political and economic spaces of this macro-region, how social and communication dynamics interact in them, and which effects they have on the Ibero-American cultures, peoples, and their natural environments.

How do environmental changes affect cultural spaces in Ibero-America? Do borders unite or separate? How does culture stand up to power? How can the way in which natural resources are managed in Ibero-America be changed?

Students of the master’s program Communication and Society in Ibero-America have the possibility to develop their own individual profile for professional fields in and outside academia. The knowledge and competencies you acquire prepare you for a professional activity in research institutions to tackle current questions related to communication and society in Ibero-America from an interdisciplinary perspective. Outside academia you are able to apply your knowledge on communication and society and your professional skills in working environments like communications departments of public institutions, NGOs, public relations, or press and media. A stay abroad within the course of study further promotes the building of your individual profile and will provide you an opportunity for hands-on experience with future professional fields.

How do languages shape identities? How does Ibero-America tweet? What is Ibero-America’s role in the knowledge society? Do languages have rights, or rather people?

The master’s program is closely tied to the HCIAS’ research program meaning subject matter reflects current research on, in, and with Ibero-America. Learn from and with researchers at the HCIAS of Heidelberg University and abroad and become involved in their research projects.


Prof. Francisco Moreno-Fernández, HCIAS professor and director, welcomes you to the new master's program:


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