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Research at the HCIAS is geared toward the overarching theme "Spaces and Dynamics". "Spaces" refers to the physical, abstract, or virtual dimensions in which all kinds of phenomena may be observed, while "dynamics" pertains to the modalities that rule the interaction between, and the parallel or diverging development of, these phenomena. These two meta-theoretical notions define the parameters for describing, analyzing and explaining complex intra-, inter-, and transregional links. These links serve to characterize the geographically and culturally determined macro-region of Ibero-America and shape its networks, institutions, and modes and means of communication. "Spaces and Dynamics" defines the common framework by which we approach Ibero-America’s social, cultural, and environmental realities, with all their continuities, transformations, ruptures, and internal and external interconnections. Our transversal research program unites a variety of disciplines from social sciences and the humanities to behavioral and natural sciences. Together they form a holisitc network of perspectives organized into three overarching areas. They approach the broad topic of "Spaces and Dynamics" from different angles and contribute to the integral description and analysis conducive to a better understanding of "Ibero-America".

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