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News at the HCIAS


Interdisciplinary Master's program at the HCIAS starts in the winter term 2021/22 

Template Instragram MicCommunication and Society in Ibero-America

Applications accepted starting May 1

Our master’s program reveals what role communication plays in Ibero-American societies. With advanced knowledge from a variety of disciplines from the humanities and social sciences, students develop a holistic understanding of Ibero-America. They gain understanding on how languages and socio-cognitive factors shape the political and economic spaces of this macro-region, how social and communication dynamics interact in them, and which effects they have on the Ibero-American cultures, peoples, and their natural environments.

Press release at Heidelberg University's Newsroom




DAAD International Summer School CONST2021 - Constitutional Processes in Latin America and Europe: Mechanisms, Contexts, Perspectives

July 25 to August 3, 2021, online. Courses in Spanish and English, teaching staff from Heidelberg and Latin America, participation is free of charge.

Application period open: We invite master's students, PhD students or last year-undergraduate students from Social Sciences, Humanities and Law at Ibero-American universities to present their application. Deadline: June 28

Supported by the DAAD




Project Presentation by Óscar Loureda: "El español en Rumanía y Moldavia". Within the framework of the international colloquium "Convergencias y divergencias en el espacio iberoamericano", June 15-17, 2021, University of Bucarest.




Dr. Gerhard Ott Prize of Heidelberg University for Dr. Shima Salameh Jiménez: Dr. Shima Salameh Jiménez (Universidad de Castellón and Universidad Católica de Valencia) has been awarded the Gerhard Ott Prize from Heidelberg University for her dissertation "Reformulación y categorías vecinas: un tratamiento teórico y experimental a través del marcador discursivo o sea en espanol" (Faculty of Modern Languages). The linguistic thesis was written as part of the international Cotutelle doctoral program (Heidelberg University/Universidad de Valencia, Spain) and was supervised in Heidelberg by Prof. Dr. Óscar Loureda as part of the research group Discourse Particles and Cognition. Publication: Salameh Jiménez, Shima (2021): Reframing Reformulation: A Theoretical-Experimental Approach. Evidence from the Spanish Discourse Marker "o sea". Frankurt a.M.: Peter Lang.




The HCIAS welcomes new Junior Professors!

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Alejandro Ecker
"Politics and Communication in Ibero-America"

Alejandro Ecker analyzes political decision-making in Europe and Latin America in the comparative perspective. His research focuses on the effect of political institutions on the behavior of multiparty governments, political parties, and individual politicians and its consequences for citizen attitudes and behavior. More


Jun.-Prof. Dr. Rosa Lehmann
"Innovation and Sustainability in Ibero-America"

Rosa Lehmann is interested in the social dimension of the transition from a fossil fuel economy to a sustainable society and economy that is based on renewable resources. In her research, she focuses on the social impacts and challenges of the energy transition and the transition to a bio-economy. More


Jun.-Prof. Dr. Pablo Porten-Cheé
 "Communication Studies and Information Society in Ibero-America"

Pablo Porten-Cheé is a communication researcher and earned his Ph.D. from the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf studying the effects of media content on everyday face-to-face and online conversations. At the HCIAS, Pablo Porten-Cheé is focused primarily on online communication in Latin America and the effect it has on individuals. More 




Collaborative research project at the HCIAS: El Español en Europa.

The interdisciplinary research project Spanish in Europe analyses the Spanish language in the old continent. It aims to provide a quantitative and qualitative description of the linguistic and cultural geography of Spanish and its speakers with a specific focus on the dynamics of migration, demography and education. More




Academic cooperation project between the Centro de Estudos Galegos at the HCIAS and the Galicia Center of the University of Vienna.

The Centro de Estudos Galegos (CEG) at the HCIAS has started a collaborative academic project with the newly founded Galicia Center of the University of Vienna to further develop activities in teaching, research, transfer of knowledge and dissemination of the Galician language and culture. More


Recent Publications


Lehmann, Rosa with Lorenzen, Kristina; Lühmann, Malte; Puder, Janina; Rodríguez, Fabricio; Tittor, Anne (Edd.) (2021): Bioeconomy and Inequalities. Socio-Ecological Perspectives on Biomass Sourcing and Production across South America, Asia, and Europe. Basingstoke, Hampshire, England: Palgrave Macmillan.


Loureda Lamas, Óscar; Moreno-Fernández, Francisco; Álvarez Mella, Héctor and Scheffler, David: El español en europa. Demolingüística del español en Alemania. Madrid: Instituto Cervantes, 2021. Instituto Cervantes online event featuring this new publication: Video


Loureda Lamas, Óscar; Moreno-Fernández, Francisco; Álvarez Mella, Héctor and Scheffler, David: Alemania y sus hablantes de español. Anuario del Instituto Cervantes, El español en el mundo, 2020.


Jaspert, Nikolas: Movilidad y religiosidad medieval en los reinos peninsulares, Alemania y Palestina, Granada, 2020.


HCIAS in the Media


Óscar Loureda on how Eugenio Coseriu influenced his academic career and thinking. Interview (in Spanish) in the framework of the conference "Coseriu's linguistics - origin and actuality" at the University of Zurich (June 2021).


Las vacunas rescatan a los hispanos - Francisco Moreno-Fernández on the access to vaccinations and its social consequences for the Spanish-speaking communities in the United States. Article for Diálogo Atlántico.


Español para todos los públicos - Olga Ivanova (Centro Internacional del Español, Universidad de Salamanca) inverviews Óscar Loureda about the cognitive and social dimensions of communication, language and its speakers (in Spanish).


New book series on the demolinguistics of the Spanish language across Europe: first volume on Spanish in Germany published and presented online. The book series is a joint project under the coordination of the HCIAS, University of Zurich, and the Instituto Cervantes. Read more at Nova Ciencia (in Spanish)


Lenguas, Democracia y ConvivenciaFrancisco Moreno-Fernández with Óscar Loureda on the political consequences of living together in a multilingual society. Op-Ed for El Mundo.  


News from the Heidelberg Center Latin America in Santiago de Chile


Hcla EnThe Heidelberg Center Latin America · HCLA is an Excellence Center in Research and Teaching of Heidelberg University in Santiago de Chile. It promotes academic activity between Heidelberg and Latin America, contributes to the building and shaping of research and teaching networks, and provides a platform for international scientific cooperation.




Heidelberg's bridge to Latin America: HCLA and HCIAS on their common goals in research, teaching, and knowledge transfer.




Memorandum of Understanding: The HCIAS and the Instituto de la Comunicación e Imágen (ICEI) of the University of Chile agree on future cooperation in research, teaching, and knowledge transfer in the fields of communication, technologies, culture, and society. The development and dissemination of the projects will be supported by the Heidelberg Center Latin America (HCLA) in Santiago de Chile as a hub for scientific cooperation between Germany and Latin America.

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