About UsHCIAS Organization

Research, teaching, and knowledge transfer - these primary spheres of academic activity at the HCIAS are strategically steered by a board of directors and advised by a scientific council and a board of trustees. All three bodies mirror the interdisciplinary collaboration intrinsic to the HCIAS.

HCIAS Leadership and Management

The Board of Directors is led by a Director, who also represents the HCIAS in university committees and in respect to other university institutions. The Director of the HCIAS has a representative and is assisted in the performance of his responsibilities by the Center's Executive Director.

HCIAS Board of Directors

Interdisciplinary collaboration at the HCIAS is reflected in the meriad subject and institutional backgrounds of the members of the board. The Board of Directors consists of the professors, junior professors, and joint professors, as well as the HCIAS management team. In addition, there is a representative of the Research Council for the Field of Focus 3 and the Field of Focus 4 and a representative of the junior researchers and the academic management team of the Heidelberg Center Latin America (HCLA).