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Michael Imre studied Political Science (BA, MA) and Journalism and Communication Science (Bacc. phil.) at the University of Vienna, during which he worked as a research assistant and tutor at the Institute of Political Science at the University of Vienna. Currently, he is a Ph.D. student at the Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences (GESS) at the University of Mannheim. From 2019 to 2021, he was a research assistant at the Mannheim Center for European Social Research. Currently, he is a research associate at the Chair of Political Science, Comparative Government at the University of Mannheim (since February 2021) and at the Heidelberg Center for Ibero-American Studies (since October 2021). His research interests include party competition, coalition governments, and quantitative methods.

Michael's cumulative dissertation project focuses on substantive heterogeneity within political parties and its consequences on the behavior of political actors as well as on the perception of these parties. He works with HCIAS Jun.-Prof. Dr. Alejandro Ecker on the project “Intra-party politics in multiparty governments” funded by the German Research Foundation DFG.

Intra-Party Politics and Multiparty Governments

Michael Imre


Michael Imre

Heidelberg Center for Ibero-American Studies - HCIAS
Brunnengasse 1, 69117 Heidelberg
Email: michael.imre(at)uni-heidelberg.de