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Dr. Maria Eugenia Trombini studied Social Sciences (B.A.) and Political Science (M.A.) at the Federal University of Paraná, as well as Law (B.A.) at the Curitiba University Center. In 2022, she completed her Ph.D. at the Max-Weber Institute of Heidelberg University with an interdisciplinary thesis on the thinking and acting of legal professionals. Maria joined the HCIAS team in 2023 as a research associate and as a coordinator of collaborative project proposals. 

Maria Eugenia Trombini’s research interests focus on professionals as knowledge-based experts and on social change through rule-making and rule-breaking. Her focus is situated within the interdisciplinary field of political sociology and socio-legal studies. By combining quantitative and qualitative methods, she examines the interactions between elites as well as among elites and others in their surroundings, thereby addressing the factors that influence the strategies, narratives, and mindsets of social groups. Following these trajectories of ideas, Maria E. Trombini also explores how power is constituted and exerted at the local level in relation to the transnational dynamics of expertise, knowledge, and practices.

Maria Eugenia Trombini


  • Organizational crime and Systemic corruption in Brazil: Maria is a researcher for the international project directed by Prof. Markus Pohlmann (Max Weber Institute of Sociology), conducted in cooperation with Brazilian scholars based at the University of São Paulo (USP), Federal University of ABC and Federal University of Paraná. The project analyzes how bribery took place by looking at detected cases in Latin America and why it may be difficult for organizations to prevent deviance.
  • Kitchen and Garden. Home modeling by activists in Latin America. Maria Trombini is part of the research group for a collaborative research center Heimat(en), together with Prof. Dr. Renata Motta (HCIAS), that aims to analyze the social construction of homes by actors fighting for land and territorial rights in the Global South.

Selected Publications


  • Trombini, ME. (2023) Legal Professionals in White-Collar Crime: Knowing, Thinking and Acting. Wiesbaden: Springer.
  • Pohlmann, M., Dannecker, G., Dölling, D., Hermann, Höly, K., Trombini, ME, and Mitra, S. (2023) Organizational Crime – Causes, Explanations and Prevention in a Comparative Perspective. Wiesbaden: Springer.
  • Trombini, ME., Valarini, E. (2023) Foreign ideas, domestic problems and institutional change: the role of legal professionals, Journal of Professions and Organizations, 4: 1-17.
  • Trombini, ME., Jorge, M., Valarini, E., and Pohlmann, M. (2022) A case study of corruption in Rio de Janeiro’s policy to counter COVID-19. In: Sebastian Wolf and Peter Graeff "Corona und Korruption". Wiesbaden: Springer, 2022, p.105–153.
  • Trombini, ME., Pohlmann, M. (2022) Self-regulation and human rights: the contested terrain of corporate actors in the food and beverage industry, Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Rechtswissenschaft (ZVglRWiss), 122.
  • Monteiro, F., Trombini, ME (2022). Sustainability, development and biodiversity: global theory vs. Brazilian practice, Bandung Journal of the Global South.
  • Pohlmann, M., Höly, K., Trombini, ME. (2022) The German Organ Transplant Scandal - Unwritten rules of organizational wrongdoings, Social Science and Medicine, 292.
  • Trombini, ME, Ribeiro, D. (2020) A luta dos movimentos sociais contra os despejos coletivos nas instituições judiciais: Resolução 10 do CNDH e a promessa de mudança. Ciências Sociais Unisinos, 56(3): 391-403.
  • Coelho, L., Trombini, ME., Lima, R., Porto, D. (2017) Do lar às ruas: pixo, política e mulheres. In: Vanessa Koet; Helena Duarte Marques; Jessica Tavares Cerqueira. (Org.). Direito à Cidade: uma visão por gênero. 1ed.São Paulo: Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Urbanístico, p. 62-71.


Winter Semester 2022/23

  • A roadmap for studying green narratives and practices

Winter Semester 2023/24

  • Politics, Law and Jurists (visiting professor at Federal University of Paraná) 


Maria Eugenia Trombini

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