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The HCIAS Podcast is a space for scientific dialogue on current research questions about the macro-region of Ibero-America and its societies.

In each episode, HCIAS researchers and guest scholars from the social sciences and the humanities discuss different topics and ongoing research projects in order to present our audience with a variety of perspectives on the complex social, cultural, political, and environmental realities of the region. At the HCIAS, we are particularly interested in interdisciplinary issues and focus our research on Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, but explicitly include those areas with which there are close historical, cultural, political, or socioeconomic ties. The HCIAS Podcast thus also includes collaborative episodes with our partner institutions at Heidelberg University and abroad, such as the Migration and the Americas Series conducted together with the Heidelberg Center for American Studies, HCA. With the HCIAS Podcast, we also aim at offering a format designed and carried out together with young scholars and doctoral and master students.  

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Quo Vadis USA? the podcast of the Heidelberg Center for American Studies, takes a look at American society, politics, business, culture, and academia. It provides a forum for scholars and other experts on the U.S. to discuss these issues from the perspective of their respective discipline and to share their research findings with the public.


  • Dr. Héctor Álvarez Mella (editor)
  • Marian Orjuela (coordinator)
  • David Chapman (research assistant)


  • publications(at)hcias.uni-heidelberg.de
  • h.alvarez(a)uni-heidelberg.de