Research project supported by the Heidelberg Center for the EnvironmentPCG - Interacting Actors in Polycentric Climate Governance

Transnational forums on climate governance represent organizational innovation and a means to add another layer to what researchers in organizational and social sciences and institutional economics call polycentric governance.

In this project, we are interested in how these transnational forums affect the creation, choice, and convergence of climate change mitigation policies. Our interdisciplinary team consists of geographers, linguists, and political and social scientists. We conduct multilevel empirical analyses of bureaucrats, civil society, and business actors located in Argentina, Chile, and Mexico to identify their policy preferences, their perceptions of policy measures, and the effect of cross-level learning on policy convergence.

Within this framework is also the investigation of the representation of included and excluded positions, assuming that mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion of actors influence the legitimacy of polycentric climate governance.

Principal investigators: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Rosa Lehmann (HCIAS), Prof. Dr. Jale Tosun (Institute of Political Science), Prof. Dr. Johannes Glückler (Institute of Geography), Prof. Dr. Óscar Loureda (HCIAS)

Research associates: Alejandra Irigoyen, M.Sc.; Emiliano Levario Saad, M.A.