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Research Associate, Center for Galician Studies

Vanesa Rodríguez Tembrás has been a Research Associate at the Heidelberg Center for Iberoamerican Studies/Centro de Estudos Galegos (University of Heidelberg) since 2020. She has been an adjunct lecturer/coordinator at Centro de Estudos Galegos (University of Vienna) since 2020. Between 2016-2019 she was an Academic Faculty Member at Heidelberg University (Centro de Estudos Galegos) and between 2015-2016 she was a Research Assistant (UC-CARE project) at Københavns Universitet.

Center for Galician Studies

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Vanesa Rodríguez Tembrás

Heidelberg Center for Ibero-American Studies - HCIAS
Brunnengasse 1 69117, Heidelberg
E-Mail: vanesa.rodriguez(at)uni-heidelberg.de